Tiramisu Cupcakes

This is a great recipe because it starts with a simple chocolate or vanilla cake box mix. Make the cupcakes according to the directions on the box.

Tiramisu Cupcakes
24 chocolate or vanilla cupcakes
1 cup strong coffee or espresso
2 cups heavy whipping cream
4 oz. mascarpone cheese
4 oz. cream cheese
1/2 cup confectionery sugar

Poke holes all the way down in the cakes, 7 or 8 times with a toothpick, and drizzle them each with about one Tbsp. of very strong coffee - unsweetened.

In a mixing bowl, whip two cups of whipping cream until stiff peak stage. Set aside.

In another mixing bowl, cream together the mascarpone cheese, cream cheese, and powdered sugar. Fold in the whipped cream, until blended, but still lofty.

Bag icing into a decorator bag (or ziploc bag with one corner snipped off), and pipe on to each cupcake.

Grate a small bit dark chocolate over each cupcake. They hold up very well in the fridge too - I've kept them for two days - if they don't get eaten!

Bacon, Tomato and Spinach Quiche

This is such an easy dish to make, and it keeps easily for three days in the fridge. I make two large quiches regularly, and then cut a slice and microwave it whenever a fast meal is needed. The best thing about quiche is that it works well for breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

Ingredients for two quiches:
two pie crusts, unbaked
10 slices of cheese, american works best
12 to 15 eggs per quiche
four cups of spinach, fresh
one can diced, drained tomatoes (or Rotel)
one pound of bacon, fried and chopped
two onions, sliced and sautéed
one cup of a wet cheese (ricotta, mexican crumbling cheese, or feta)
1/2 tsp nutmeg
salt and pepper to taste

Preheat the over to 450 degrees. This dish bakes high, and then low. Line two round casserole dishes (or large pie pans) with the pie crusts. Place five slices of cheese on the crust bottom (this makes the crust taste oo-so-good and cheesy when reheated). Then layer on top of the cheese the spinach, tomatoes, bacon, and onions.

Mix all of the eggs with the wet cheese and spices. Don't be surprised at the nutmeg, it goes wonderfully with the spinach - try it! Pour the egg mixture equally over both quiches, attempting to cover the other ingredients. If you need to add more eggs, just beat a few more and add them (this will depend on the shape of your pan). Bake the quiche at 450 for fifteen, then lower the oven, and finish at 350 until the top begins to brown nicely (15-20 minutes more). Turn off the oven, and leave the quiche in the oven to cool with the oven door vented.

Hotdog Hash

I thought I invented this recipe when we lived in San Antonio and my husband was the Associate Pastor, living on $150.00 a week with three kids. How did we do it? This was in the mid-90s. I don't know, but God always provided. I recently found this YouTube and it reminded me of this family favorite. I really think the kids would still today prefer it over so many other meals I could make.

Here is my recipe which is very similar:
Two medium potaoes per person
One hotdog per person
Half an onion per person
Salt, pepper and ketchup

Peel and cube the potatoes, chop the onion, and slice the hotdogs, thin slices work best. Heat enough oil to cover the bottom of a frying pan over medium high heat. Add the potatoes and fry them for five minutes alone. Then add the onion and hotdogs (this keeps the onions from being overcooked). Cook for about five more minutes or until the potatoes are thoroughly cooked and begining to brown. Serve with salt, pepper, and ketchup. An easy, delicious, and very cheap meal that kids (and husbands) tend to love.